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Drop and Done Props

Preparing for a big event that requires a lot of time and resources?

Minimize your time (and budget) by borrowing actual (real items) props instead of making them.

You will always have to create a few props however, you can minimize your time and budget by creating as many "drop and done" props as you can.

A couple of old crates stacked up and filled with "fake" fruit or silk flowers and a bale of straw makes a great "drop and done" prop.

An old bicycle with flowers stuffed into the basket, a bale of hay combined with a horse blanket and a saddle, an empty feed sack stuffed with newspaper, a basket with a few plastic eggs, a surf board, a skate board, a bucket, a basket, a crate...they all count!

So, how do you find these items? First, take advantage of anything that you may have at church...or at home. Then ask your church family...they will be your biggest resource. Other great resources are local businesses, family, friends, etc.

Announce your theme early and ask to "borrow" any theme related props that anyone may have.

If you have any specific items that you are looking for...announce that as well.

Gather all your props (resources) and plan how to use them BEFORE you plan anything else.

Super simple decorating...on a budget...with minimal effort.

An added benefit...when the event is over, everyone grabs their items and clean-up is done in a snap!

Another added benefit...This is a great way to get your church family involved in Children's ministry...everyone has a part in the event. Build those relationships and your volunteer pool will grow.

Below are a few pics for inspiration. Almost everything in these pics were either borrowed, belongs to the church (or others) or are items that I had at home.

Happy dreaming!

Praying for you always!

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