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God is on the Throne

Somethings for you to ponder on as you go throughout your day!

Ever wonder why we are going through a pandemic?

Could it be that God is up to something?

Are families spending more time together?

Are we thinking more about our friends? Our neighbors? Our families?

Are we learning to do things that we have never done before?

Are we being challenged to think? Stretch ourselves? Learn new ways of doing old things?

Will being quarantined with our families and loved ones end up being a good thing? Will it actually work against the enemy?

Will we exit this disaster stronger and more unified than ever before?

Are our churches growing?

Are they reaching more "lost" people than ever before...due to multi-media platforms? Creativity? Perseverance?

Is God up to something?

Is revival near?

Stand strong...and persevere! God is still on the Throne!

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