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Is that my job?

Inside the walls of any church...there are a LOT of things that need to be done. It is the responsibility of each member to take care of the church building. Cleaning days, work days, all hands on deck days...should be a part of everyone's schedule. I will even go as far as to say "If you see something that needs it!" Trash on the floor? Pick it up! A poster fell from the wall? Tape it back up! Leaves blown in when the door was opened? Sweep them up! (My personal opinion and practices only). You only get one chance to make a first impression on those who visit your church.

But what about your responsibilities as a children's leader? What is your job?

When I took on the position of Children's Director at my last church, there wasn't a children's church. It was my job to build it from the ground up. But there were no written exact expectations.

I can honestly say that one of the best things that I did...right from the start...was to ask for a written list of responsibilities.

I had such a wonderful Pastor at that time. He said "You write them up and I will okay them." I did...and he did! This gave each of us a starting point...a goal! It also allowed me to know what he was expecting from me.

Each year, we reviewed the list and made changes/added things that we wanted to accomplish. It was a reasonable list...and a goal to work towards. I referred to the list often so that I could judge myself on where I was at.

Lately, I have seen and heard many leaders comment 1) "I don't know what is expected of me." 2) "More and more things are being added onto my plate." 3) "My Pastor isn't pleased with me...but he doesn't tell me what he wants. And the list goes on and on!

This has left so many leaders frustrated, discouraged, and re-considering their calling. It shouldn't be this way...It shouldn't be this hard. Not when we are supposed to be working towards the same goal.

If you are serving...without a job description...ask your Pastor (or the person that you report to) to sit down with you and create a job description. Make sure that the job description includes a goals list...something that BOTH parties agree upon.

If you have a job description but it is generic...ask your superiors to help you create a "Goals" list to attach to the job description.

After the list is completed and approved by yourself and your superior ask for a second meeting that includes your Pastor. Review the list with him and ask him to add anything that he feels led to add.

Ask both to calendar in a follow up review meeting with year from that review how you are doing and add any new goals that you/they feel necessary.

Stop living with doubt...stop wondering how you are doing...stop second guessing yourself...stop running yourself ragged. Stop doing things that you "think" others want.

Know your responsibilities and put your efforts (whole heartedly) towards hitting your goals!

Work on your responsibilities first and then help others where time, energy and desire allows.

Have a blessed day!

Praying for you always!

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