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It's YOUR path

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

As Children's directors/leaders/pastors, we will all travel different paths....the path that God has predestined for us. Don't be afraid to travel that path...even if you travel it alone...even if it leads to places unknown...even if you can't see the path clearly at all times. Travel the path that God has created for you. You already know the way! Be you! Be unique! Be unshakable! Be willing to stand up for what you believe is true...or walk away from what God is telling you to walk away from. Sometimes, walking away seems like the harder path...but it can lead to greater peace and opportunity. If it is not "your" path; but rather "someone else's," don't be afraid to get off at the nearest exit. If your were traveling across the country, you would expect to make left or right turns, take exits, switch highways, even take a detour or two in order to reach your destination. Why would your path be any different? There will be twists...there will be turns...but it is your path...and no one elses. Remember, just because we travel different paths does not mean that we do not have the same destination in mind. Walk your own path...the path that God has predestined for you to walk. Today, I will be taking one of those turns that I spoke about. This will be my last day as Children's Director and Children's Church Leader at our church. I turned in my resignation last August and am resigning after almost 16 years of service at this church. I am not sure where my path will lead however I am convinced that it will lead to greater peace and opportunity. God is up to something...He just hasn't clued me in yet. I would appreciate your prayers for well as the little ones that I will be telling goodbye. I have prayed for each of you this morning. Prayers for a wonderful, spirit filled day. A day full of joy, peace and patience! Get out there and follow your path!

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