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Let's talk volunteers...

As a children's leader, you already know that finding volunteers is a very difficult thing to do. But did you know that your senior adults are AMAZING volunteers?

Many may be beyond the "working directly with children" stage however, they are not beyond the "lending a helping hand stage."

Seniors can be some of your most loyal and dependable volunteers!

Build a relationship with your senior adults...find out what they enjoy doing, what hobbies they have, and what skills they possess. Then, help them find joy and purpose within the children's ministry.

At my last church, I had those seniors who would always ask if I needed them to cook pancakes (or ???) when they noticed an event in our church bulletin.

I had men who requested to drive the bus when they saw an "away from the church" event scheduled.

I had women and men asking when we were going to stuff goodie bags for the Fall Festival or eggs for an egg hunt.

I even had one gentleman who sat for 1-2 hours each day during VBS counting our "Penny Wars" pennies...and enjoying every minute of it. He had such a great time...even showing his dirty fingers to those who passed by. He was so excited to be serving.

How do you get to know your seniors? By taking an interest in them!

Host an event in their honor. Serve a simple lunch after church (food always draws seniors...and "good" chocolate!

During your event, pass out a "Get to know me" questionnaire. Ask them about their hobbies, skills, the things they enjoy doing, activities, special moments in their lives etc.

Make sure to ask for their birthday as well...and acknowledge them on their special day!

Make your seniors feel important, needed and the children's ministry.

Some seniors may be physically able to work with children...and they love doing so. However, there are many others who simply can't.

Give them a purpose...and watch them clammer to help!

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