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Lift Up...Don't Tear Down

Are you the type of person who sees a Facebook or Instagram post and immediately finds fault in it?

Have you ever seen something that was misspelled and replied "Do you mean ____?" when you know perfectly well what they meant to write.

Have you ever seen a post from someone who was excited about an accomplishment and instead of saying something positive (or nothing at all) you tell them how they could make it better? Or, how you would do it differently?

Have you ever seen a post from someone wanting information about a certain topic...and you give them unsolicited advice about everything but their original question?

Have you ever "half" read a post and then negatively commented...without getting all the facts?

We've probably all done one or more of these things however, it's time that we hold ourselves above the current standard of rudeness, hurtfulness, and arrogance.

I have seen some responses to posts that make me want to cry. My heart hurts for the person on the other end of the post. Which moves me into action and causes me to leave an uplifting reply.

Before you hit the post or send button...THINK, RE-READ, EDIT! Is your comment lifting someone up...or tearing them down?

My father-in-law had a saying...Think once before you speak...twice before you act!

We are all imperfect people...loved by a perfect God...but we can do better!

Have a blessed day! Praying for you all!

Keep up the good fight!

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