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Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer. Romans 12:12

The honeymoon is over!

When returning home from our honeymoon (43 amazing and blessed years ago) I asked my husband what he would like for our very first breakfast together.

"PANCAKES" was his reply!

My heart did a little flip-flop because of all the things that I knew how to make, pancakes were not one of them.

However, that was not going to stop me from giving it my all.

How hard could it be for goodness sake? After all, I had a box of complete pancake mix that we had received as a gift.

I approached the task like I do most things...full steam ahead and making it up as I went along!

A 19-year-old bride...on a mission.

After the first batch...I was discouraged but optimistic.

After whipping up a second batch...I was crying.

By the third poor husband was saying "I don't care if we have pancakes, just make ANYTHING that you know how to make."

The 4th batch (and the bottom of the box)...was much better...I came up with something that looked similar to a hockey puck; including the color...and texture.

To my husband's credit, he ate it...and said that it was delicious.

To his credit even further...for 43 years; after every single meal, he has told me that the meal was "The best he's ever had." He's a keeper for sure!

He has even passed on a bit of advice to our children...advice that his father taught to him. Always appreciate anything that someone else has made/done for you out of love. Never take it for granted or they may never make/do it for you again.

He may have been doubting the wisdom of that advice after the pancakes...I'm not sure!

Looking back, after 1000's of delicious pancakes...I now know why the pancakes were so was the heat! Cooking a pancake on high heat will not create a perfect pancake.

As children's leaders, we are always under a lot of heat...under a lot of pressure. But still, we keep marching along.

We try...but sometimes we fail We laugh...but sometimes we cry. We march forward...but sometimes fall back. We get discouraged...but we don't give up!

We persevere!

Anticipating the day when we stand in front of the Lord and hear the words we all long to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant."

But for today...while you're waiting, why not whip up a batch of delicious pancakes and enjoy the ride!

Praying for you!

Hope you have a blessed day!"

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