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Pleasing God...not man

I have prayed for each of you this morning. You have been lifted up to the throne of God. I have prayed that God would send a calming peace upon your souls and that you will feel His undeniable presence. I know that many of you struggle with the fact that your ministry is not being recognized or appreciated. I see it again and again...and I have also dealt with it myself. How do you evaluate the job you are doing? How do you know you are being effective? How do you know that you are on the right track....when no one says ANYTHING? How hard would it be for someone to offer up one simple "thank you" for a job well done? You cannot use other people's praise...or lack of a measuring tool to your success as a Children's Leader. You will never change someone else however, you can change your mind set, your expectations, you outlook. Many people are too caught up in their own importance to ever see the value in others...this is just a plain and simple fact! In a world filled with self centeredness and self importance, do not seek your recognition...your importance....your praise from man....but from God alone. Seek to please God...and God alone! Serve, sacrifice, and dedicate you life to Christ. Seek God's re-assurance...not man's! Serve and live so that when you stand in front of the end of your will receive your "Well done...good and faithful servant" moment. Stop seeking man's approval and you will be much happier and more effective. And for all of you out there serving...THANK YOU! You are hitting it out of the park!!!

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