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Promoting your events

Planning a community wide event such as VBS, Fall Festival, etc? Are you creating flyers that you hope your church family will pick up and distribute? Do you want to reach a lot of people in just a matter of minutes? Two words...Facebook Flash! It's easy peasy!! 1. Create your flyer 2. Create a Facebook post for your event...include all the details...the what, the when, the where. Add a quick "please help us get the word out by sharing our post with family and friends" 3. Attach the event flyer to your post 4. Schedule your post to publish a few minutes before your worship service begins (30 minutes). 5. During announcement time, ask everyone to take out their phones. 6. Instruct them to log onto your facebook page, (click follow of course) and share your event. You reach hundreds...even thousands of people in just a matter of minutes! You may want to consider placing your facebook address on the screen so some of your older members can follow along. Remember, they have phones, family and friends too. Of course, all churches are different so if you are not allowed to do a facebook flash during announcements, ask if you can do it at the end of service. Another option is to add an insert (or post) inside the church bulletin...asking members to log on and share your post. A lot of members show up early...they read the bulletin, check messages, etc. while waiting. If you scheduled your post to published a few minutes prior to the service, many will see it and share your event right then. That's it...that's all I've got for today! 📷:) Thank you!!! Have a blessed day... I have already prayed for you this morning...go out and tackle the world!

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