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Serve Boldly

Why do people try to tear others down? What joy do they get out of trying to make another feel badly? What dark place are their thoughts and their minds wandering off to as they sit and dwell on what they can do next? They can't possibly be happy or proud of themselves. I know many of you have experienced this type of person before...myself right now! But why? Why would anyone want to tear another down. They try to tear down other people's confidence by demeaning them for their own self esteem. Some demean others to gain attention. Some belittle others to make themselves feel good. Judging, putting down and belittling other people comes from a place of insecurity and deep unhappiness within self. It has nothing with's all about them! Rise above it...succeed in spite of it...don't let anything...or anyone cause you to take you eye off the prize. Press on! Serve boldly! Choose joy! You must be doing something right or you wouldn't be their target. I have prayed for you guys this morning! Serve Boldly Today!

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