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To love what you do!

Thank you for all of the amazing work that you are doing! What love and dedication it takes to be a children's leader. Some days it seems like the hardest job in the world...but where else can you have so much fun?

Soon (hopefully) all of the problems that our world is experiencing...will be a distant memory...only to be replaced by a different set of problems that seem insurmountable.

We only need to look at our ancestors though to realize that life goes on. Yes, we have problems...but so did they...and they persevered. My husband grew up on a grain farm in Minnesota. One of the stories that he tells is one of disaster...but they lived thanks to God. This particular year, his dad was the first to cut their grain. It was cut and waiting to be harvested. After a trip to town, my husband and his mother were on their way home when a terrible storm blew in. Grain was pelting their windshield as they drove...sticking into the rubber seal that encased the windshield. He remembers his mother telling him that this grain was from their farm...miles away. When they arrived home, the grain was gone...their entire income for the year. But what my husband saw was something far more valuable...and it left a lasting memory on him. What he saw was his dad...kneeled down in the grain field with tears running down his cheek singing the song "Count your blessings." What a lasting memory! Today, count your blessings! Name them one by one! We have hit a bump in the road...but we will be stronger for it. And don't forget...there are little ones watching us as well. Will we leave lasting memories for them? Will we persevere? Will we look disaster in the eye...and still praise God? I have prayed for each of you this morning! Keep up the good work...and strive to leave lasting memories for the next generation!!! Let them see how strong we are...with the Lord's help! Have a blessed and fantastic day! Do something FUN!

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