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What a Difference a Year Makes!

One year ago today, I took a step of faith. I followed God's calling and set out on a new journey...a journey to encourage and equip other children's pastors/leaders.

Looking back, I realize that God had been speaking to my heart...long before I answered His call.

So, why did I wait so long? Why didn't I answer His call sooner? Why didn't I see what God was up to?

Because I loved what I was doing. Because nothing seemed as important to me as leading, teaching, and training His children...Because I was comfortable where I was...because I didn't have the confidence...because I felt ill equipt to do what God was calling me to do...because it felt like giving up...because I LOVED my kiddo's...because I loved the challenges that came with children's ministry...because I would have to expose so much more of myself to other adults than I did with the children...that it would open myself up to criticism, because! because! because!

We can always find a reason to side-step where God is leading us but He always has a way of putting us back on track.

Ministering to children meant everything to me. It still does! In fact, my granddaughter asked me once "Grandma, don't you ever get tired of kids? You're always doing things with kids." My honest answer was "No...I love being around kids."

That passion has never died...and probably never will. God did not kill my passion for children. He did, however, change my surroundings...the people around me...the world around me.

As things began to change around me, I started to notice a trend among children's pastors/leaders...and that trend was discouragement.

As things continued to change around me, the desire to lift other leaders up and to minister alongside them began to grow stronger and stronger. I found my passions shifting...changing...being re-directed. My will was being restructured to align more with God's will.

As I watched, the discontentment among other children's leaders grow, I was battling my own war from within...a tug of war.

Resign and leave the children that I loved...or step out and follow where God was leading me.

And so, here I am...the end of my first year.

The journey has been has been has been fun...and, at times, it has been frustrating...COVID 19 has kept me from starting a lot of the new community (ministry) ideas that I want to start...and altered the ones that I am still attempting to pull off this year...but we will all make it through!

I have missed my kiddo's I know many of you have this year. I have been living vicariously through your ministries to "get my kiddo fix."

It blesses my heart greatly when I see some of my ideas being implemented into your children's ministry.

It lifts my heart when I can help one of you create a special flyer, slide, or event.

It fills my heart when something that I have just what someone was needing to hear.

It makes my heart happy when I have helped one of you through a bad day.

Thank you for allowing me to minister alongside you.

Each of you is a SPECIAL part of my life...and my ministry.

I know it has been a hard year for each of us however, I am grateful that we can sail these unchartered (2020) waters together!!!

Have a super blessed day. I am praying for each of you...stand strong!

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