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"Why do we miss the things that matter the most and focus on the things that don't?"

"Why do we miss the things that matter the most and focus on the things that don't?"

That was the big question that I woke up with this eyes filled with tears.

For years, I have not had least not dreams that I could remember when I woke up.

Instead, I would (and still do) wake up with praise songs playing over and over again in my head or some type of inspiration that God had placed upon my heart to write about.

Now...for some reason...I am dreaming again. I don't know why but I do know that God is at work...once again.

I've had two vivid dreams in my life. The first dream was about my mother in law passing away. I was reading her tomb stone as I woke up. That day, she died from a heart attack.

In my second dream...I was sitting at a table having a meal and sweet fellowship with my grandpa who had been gone for years.

Both dreams were so vivid...I can remember every details, feeling, thought...and smell...still to this day.

Last night's dream was the same.

I'm not the kind of person who believes that "things just happen." A dream? Sure...we all (or most of us) have silly dreams. My husband works at previous jobs most nights in his dreams...I wish I had his paychecks

I do however believe that God can speak to us through our dreams. Or perhaps it's when our minds are at rest that we can hear God speak more clearly.

And so; at 3:38 am with sleep eluding me, I decided to get up and share my dream...because someone...somewhere (or perhaps each of us) may be able to learn something from it.

"Why do we miss the things that matter the most and focus on the things that don't?"

In my dream are two brothers. The older brother sits on the landing of a stair way. He sits at a desk with a computer and stacks of books. He never leaves his desk.

The younger brother must pass by the older brother in order to leave the apartment.

The older brother is always waiting for the younger that he can shoot rubber bands at him as he goes by.

On this one particular morning, the younger brother is leaving the apartment while it is still dark. His brother is waiting for him and begins his barrage.

The younger brother calls to his father for help and the father shouts down "Leave your brother alone"...but never appears.

The younger brother endures the rubber band attack and runs out the door. He is running, running, running through the dark. He is scared and dodging people and things that hide in the dark.

Then the dream is now daytime. The younger brother is shocked to see his older brother...outside and away from his desk.

The older brother is talking to his professor and he seems distraught.

The younger brother sneaks up to hear what his brother and the professor are talking about.

He hears the professor tell the older brother that...whatever he (the older brother) had been monitoring (?? not sure what)...had died.

The older brother turns in a daze and starts to walk off while the professor hands the younger brother a notebook (the older brothers) and two or three thick heavy research books.

With compassion, the younger brother follows. He struggles to carry the heavy books...he now realizes why his brother was always at his computer.

As he walks off, the younger brother is thinking "Why do we miss the things that matter the most and focus on the things that don't? (end of dream)

Perhaps the dream means nothing...or perhaps the dream was a means to an end.

Maybe the purpose was to share the one line...that was repeated over and over again as I was waking up.

"Why do we miss the things that matter the most and focus on the things that don't?"

What are you (or I) focusing on that doesn't matter?

Is your focus on things that take time away from your calling? Your family? Your spouse? Your friends?

Are you so wrapped up in the news of the day that you are missing the joy of today?

Are you so focused on self... that you don't see the good that others are doing?

Do you value others?

Are you focused on your needs, your feelings, your wants...and missing the fact that others have needs, feelings and wants of their own?

Are you helping to carry the burdens of others?

Are you involved in petty disagreements that are keeping you from fulfilling your calling? Or keeping others from fulfilling theirs?

Are you more focused on differences of opinion...or disagreements more than building common ground?

Are you so envious of other's calling that you are a hinderance to what God has called them to do...or missing the boat on our own calling?

Are you more concerned with finding fault in others than fixing the faults in yourself?

Do you have compassion and love for those around you...or is it all about self?

Are you more focused on competing with others than being the person God created you to be? A person filled with your own gifts and talents...ready to shine bright?

"Why do we miss the things that matter the most and focus on the things that don't?"

So, what are you missing out on when you are so focused on the wrong things?

PEACE, blessings, precious time with friends and loved ones, sweet fellowship with other believers, the joy that comes from serving alongside other believers, the happiness that comes with fulfulling your calling and precious, precious fellowship with God...just for starters!

"Why do we miss the things that matter the most and focus on the things that don't?"

It's some soul searching for yourself...that's what I intend to do!

Have a blessed Saturday!

I have been praying for you this morning!

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