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Water Shootout
Water Blasters, Water Shooters

Round up your Water Blasters, Water Guns, Water Shooters, Squirt Bottles, or anything that will squirt water and get ready for a "Water Shoot Out"
Provide the water, a few $1.00 shooters for those who show up without them, and a playing field and you are ready to go! 
​The cost for this event is minimal.
The clean-up is minimal.
The fun is maximum!
Make sure to save your water shooters...they can be used again and again!
It is always a good idea to purchase your shooters at the beginning of Summer. They disappear fast!
Pick up a few extra in case of breakage.
The shooters are durable...but they do occasionally break.
You will also need a few 5-gallon buckets and a water hose for this event!
I normally store the water shooters in one or two of the buckets
after the event.
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