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Welcome to Summer

Messy Fun Night


Intro - Summer

Get ready for a Wild and Crazy Evening!

Shave Cream Wars, Whipped Cream eating contest, Confetti, Silly String, Slime and any other messy activity that you can imagine.

There is really no end to the fun you can have...and no set way to host a Welcome to Summer Party.

I normally plan "Theme Summers" where ALL events are planned around a certain theme...normally our VBS theme...but not always!

One thing is always a must...shave cream! And LOTS of it!

For a "Welcome to Summer" party, you will need a "Whistle" to round up the crew between activities. After that, you explain an activity, blow your whistle and step back!

Just have plenty of messy games planned and it will be a HUGE success!

Plan more activities than you need so that the fun never ends. Save any unused ideas, supplies, etc for another party in the future!

#1 Discouragement - Don't think that you have to include ALL of your ideas, activities, etc in order for the night to be successful. Plan your favorites first and go from there. As long as the kids are having fun and the fun never is a success. If there was one activity that they particularly liked, do it a second time later in the evening. No set rules! No pressures! It's Summertime...and these are kids just wanting to be kids! Enjoy!

Sample Pics - Summer

Sample Pics

Flyer and Slides - Summer

Flyer and Slide Sample

I host this event each year with a different name. If you need a different flyer, just let me know and I will help you create something special for your charge!

Messy Fun Night Flyer - 2018.jpg

Click below to download a FREE template. 

Download and add your own info. to create

a custom flyer!

Welcome to Summer - Messy Fun Night Slid

Click below to download a FREE template. 

Download and add your own info. to create

a custom flyer!

Information - Summer

Information - "Must Have's"


It's summertime...which means that it is time for one of the messiest events of the year. 

Your kids will absolutely LOVE this event! I guarantee it!


Goggles are a "must-have" with a messy fun night. Most children do fine without them however, it is better to be safe than sorry! The Dollar store is a great place to find goggles. They are in the hardware department and cost $1.00 each. Swim goggles are an excellent choice. You may ask kids to bring a pair of goggles but don't rely on them to do so. Watch after summer sales and stock up on swim goggles or masks. 

Paper Towels

Grab a couple of rolls of paper towels. At the start of each event, give each child a couple of towels to tuck inside their waistband. This prevents children from coming to you to have their faces wipes 1000 times.


A whistle is a must for an event such as this. Children will be having so much fun that they will not hear you calling them. 


Take TONS of pics and short video clips. If you have a zoom lens...that is even better.

Large trash cans with liners

Save yourself some time and frustration by taking out 1-2 large trash cans with liners.

Before We Begin


Shaving Cream

Shaving cream will not damage the lawn. Once the event is over, the shaving cream will disappear overnight. You will not be able to tell there was even a party the evening before.

I normally pick up 2 cans per child...or I provide one and ask them to bring one. Shaving Cream goes a long way. I always make the children remove the cap and toss the cap in the trash before we begin. In order to get their second can of shaving cream, they must return their empty can and toss in the trash. I normally remove the caps on the second cans before they run out of the first one. 

Purchase several extra cans for additional games

At the end of each game, have the children bring their trash and put it in the trash can. Make sure you watch each child bring their cans and toss them. This will have you a TON of time plus cans will not be left for the mower to hit...OUCH!

Games do not continue until all trash (that you can see) is picked up!

I purchase the cheapest shaving cream that I can find. Wal-Mart is normally the cheapest...once you consider the size. They carry regular and sensitive skin types (same brand...same price). I normally purchase the sensitive skin type...but not an absolute necessity. You will want to start purchasing the shaving cream a couple of weeks in advance because they normally do not carry a large number of cans.


  Shave Cream Wars

2 Cans of shave Cream Per Child (See specifications above)

2 Paper towels per child

1 Pair of goggles, safety glasses or swim mask

Have the children put on a pair of goggles and stick 2 paper towels in their waistband (for wiping eyes, nose, ears, mouth etc). Have extra towels on hand.

Explain your rules, boundaries, etc. 

Explain that no one starts until the whistle blows.


Explain that they have to bring back their empty can and toss in the trash to receive their second can.

Have each child grab a can of shaving cream, remove the lid and toss in the trash (lid)

Blow the whistle and let them go at it!


Shave Cream Hair Out

2-3 Cans of shave cream (Depends on the number of children you have)

Form teams (2 man teams)

Teach team will decide which one will be the hairstylist and which one will have their hair styled.

The person who is having their hair styled will sit on the ground. The stylist will stand behind them.

Start on one end (or both ends) and pass a can of shaving cream down the line. Each stylist will squirt a TON of shaving cream on their teammate's heads.


When the whistle blows, they begin styling.

When the whistle blows again everyone stops. There is really no time limit...if they are having fun then let them continue. As they finish, keep them busy by taking several pics of each one. When several have finished, blow the whistle, take pics of the remaining ones and switch places.

Now, the stylist becomes the one having their hair styled.

Shave Cream Shaving

2 Ballons Per Team (Blow up in advance and have in large trash bags...blow up extras)

1 Plastic Knife Per Team

Form teams (2 man teams)

Each team will decide which one will be the barber and which one is receiving the shave.

The person who is receiving the shave will sit on the ground. The barber will stand behind them.

Hand out one balloon to each barber.

The barber will place the balloon on their teammate's head. (It is best to do this right after the "Hair Out" contest while the kids still have a lot of shave cream in their hair to help hold the balloon in place.

The person being shaved will hold the balloon (with their hands) on top of their head while the barber squirts shave cream all over the balloon, smooths it out, and shaves the balloon clean. shave the balloon clean without popping it. If the balloon pops...they are out.

Start on one end (or both ends) and pass a can of shaving cream down the line. Each barber will squirt a pile of shaving cream on their balloon and smooth it out.

When the whistle blows...they begin to shave.

Take lots of pics!

Once everyone is done, switch spots and begin again.

Cheeseball Head

Bucket of Cheese Balls

Plastic Cups (1 per person)

Shave Cream 1-2 Cans

Rope (to mark a line)


Form teams (2-4 man teams)

Teams will select 1 person to sit on the ground with a blob of shaving cream on top of their head.

The rest of the team will receive a cup of cheese balls (each)

Teams will stand behind the rope line and toss the cheese balls at their teammate's head...trying to stick the cheese ball in the shaving cream.


Whipped Cream Eating Contest 

2-3 Cans of Whipped Cream (Spray cans)

1 Paper Plates per child

Make a semi-circle with the kids.

Give each child a paper plate and have them set the plate in front of them

Have each child lay on the grass...on their stomach.

Start on both ends and squirt some whipped cream on each plate (you may want to squirt a smaller amount on the younger kids' plates.

Have each child put their hands behind their backs

When the whistle blows, the kids must lick their plates clean.

Small prize for the first one done. Consider a prize for 1st-3rd and 5th-6th or however your group is organized. 

Paper plates are picked up and tossed in the trash before games resume

Musical Cream Pie Face

Whipped Cream - 3 Tubs

Foil Pie Pans - 3

Music (Cell phone with music will work fine)

Children will form a circle and pass a pie pan filled with whipped cream around the circle while the music plays…once the music stops…the child stuck with the pan of whipped cream will shove the pan in their own face...or in the face of the person to their left or right. (Make up your own rules)

You may also form several small circles if you choose.

Pie pans in the trash before games resume

Silly String Wars


1-2 Cans of Silly String Per Person (You can also provide one and ask the children to bring one...but don't count on them bringing it...they often will not)

Give your list of rules

Have children select a can of silly string and remove the cap.

Have them throw the cap in the trash

Instruct them to bring back their empty can to receive a second can.

Blow whistle when it is time for the activity to begin

Blow whistle when it is time to end the activity and to bring their empty cans to the trash.

Play does not continue until all trash is picked up


Face Painting…No hands


Tempera Paint - Several paper plates with a small amount of paint...2-3 colors each)

Paper Plates- 1 Per 2 man team

Art Brushes - 1 Per Person

Have children select a partner up (2 man teams)

Give each person a small art brush (cheap brushes)

Give each team a paper plate with tempera paint on it.

Object...To paint your partner’s face without using your hands…use your mouth to hold the paintbrush and paint their face.

Have Paper towels handy to wipe eyes. (Trade-off when done…using a clean paintbrush)

*** Pudding Face –You will need the following:  blindfold, a bowl of chocolate pudding, and plastic spoons.

Select partners. Have one person sit in a chair with their partner standing behind them. The standing partner will wear the blindfold. When you say, "Go!" the blindfolded students must feed the pudding to their partners from behind. The first ones to drain the bowl wins.


​Add your own activities...I normally use anything that I have leftover in my storage closet such as confetti cannons, confetti eggs, etc. I also add events that will go with my theme for the summer...such as go with our Slime Zone summer, etc.


Like all summer outdoor activities...simple is better.

If you have a snow cone machine, consider serving snow cones with all the flavors mixed together (like the paint).

If you do not have a snow cone machine then consider purchasing simple icee pops or multi-colored popsicles.

If you have extra cheese-balls handy...give them a cut of cheese balls.

Keep your summer as easy as have lots of BIG summer activities coming up!

Be Prepared

Not all children are the same.

Keep in mind that not all children are the same. You may have some children show up who do not want to get wet or dirty. Grab a small "emergency" tote with a lid that you take to all of your summer events. Add a couple of coloring books, crayons, bubbles, jump rope or two, sidewalk chalk etc. to your tote. Place it in an area where the kids cannot see it. Bring it out only if needed.

All children are different...all churches are different...Plan for the best event ever but prepare for the worst. 

Have a few extra games in mind just in case you finish early or the kids get tired of doing what you have planned. You do not have to drag out more stuff...just plan some extra activities using the items that you brought or some "no supplies" needed group games.

Do not try to cram everything that you have planned into one evening. Let the kids be your guide. Are they having fun? Leave them alone. Are they bored? Toss in an extra game or two and then resume your planned activities. Occasionally the kids will start a game of their own...if they are having fun...let them play! No evening is a failure if the children are having fun!

Before we Begin - Summer

Let the Games Begin - Summer
Food - Food
Be Prepared- Summer

If you host your own "Welcome to Summer" event, please share a few of your pics and new ideas with me...I would LOVE to see them! or text to 479-619-9932

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