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Be Willing to Walk Alone

Monday Moment...Ministry is hard!

Ministry is indeed hard, however, for those who have truly been called...they will endure more than anyone could ever imagine...more than they themselves will ever understand.

Many times, the drive, the determination, and the commitments are misunderstood by many. Some may think that we serve for attention, for the feeling of self-importance, or with a specific motive in mind. But little do they know that the "Called" are driven by the Holy Spirit.

To those who have been "called" ... serving is the breath that they breathe. the deep-down desire to serve God and to do His will no matter what others may think.

Ministry is hard!

And sometimes...we must be willing to walk alone! And we will do it filled by the Holy Spirit and with great joy inside...even on the worst of days!

Have a blessed week!

I have been praying for you already this morning!

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