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Beware of Discouraging Words

Many years ago, when I took on the position as Children's Director at our church, one of the ladies (one that felt it was her duty to speak with me) came to me and told me that I would "never make it" as the Children's Director..."It's too hard" she continued. To say that this caught me off guard would be an understatement. Since she didn't know me...and I certainly didn't know her...I couldn't understand how she could make such a judgment call ...but she did...and she was serious. I could have let her comments discourage me or let them ruin my ministry. I could have just quit before I started but that's not who I am. I was not raised to be a quitter. I was raised to stand up for what I believe work hard at whatever I choose to the very best job that I can ...and to trust and lean on God through it all. Her comments that day could have deterred me...but instead, they lit a fire under me...they fueled me...and they do to this day! I never told anyone about her comments...or the ones to follow...but I didn't have to because she was soon to reveal herself. It seems that during one of her "lectures" to me...another member overheard her comments and it soon reached the Pastor. She received a visit...and a quick apology came my way. Although I am a strong person...her comments left a scar. What I did with the "scar" however, made all the difference in the world. I used it as a reminder to always do my very best. I used it as a "ruler" to measure my work I used it as a "step ladder" keep reaching higher I used it as an example... of how to encourage others. Don't allow others to define who you are. Don't allow their comments to keep you from serving where the Lord has placed you. And...Don't let your own remarks cause another human being to lose hope! We are all in this world together...let's lift one another up instead of tearing each other down! "A kind man benefits himself, but a cruel man brings trouble on himself." Proverbs 11:17 Have a super blessed Friday...I am praying for you!

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