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39 years ago today, my husband and I walked the aisle of a little country church and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We were baptized a week later...together.

On November 22, 1981...we "chose" Christ!

Today, the Pastors message was on being "chosen" and it spoke so loudly to me.

It was one of those sermons where you feel that the Pastor is speaking directly to you. Where you feel God so close...whispering in your ear.

"You were chosen!"

What an emotional moment!

I thank God daily for my salvation...and although I know that God called me...and that He chose me....the impact of those words struck a chord deep within me today.

No longer will I thank God for my salvation alone...I will also thank Him for choosing me...and for not giving up on me!

"No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him"... John 6:44

As you get ready to start a new week, remember, "You were chosen."

Meditate on these words...let them sink in. What powerful words!

God calls you, God equips you, God leads you, God guides you!

Have a blessed week!

Praying for you always!

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