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Do you hear what I hear?

It's Saturday...what do you have planned for today? Remember that you and your family are important. Taking care of yourself...taking time to do the things that you enjoy...spending quality time with your family...makes you a more effective leader. Last Sunday, while singing in church, I paused for a second, closed my eyes, and just praised God...which I often do. I simply stop singing and turn my focus towards God...allowing the words to soak in and fill my soul. But this Sunday was different. When I stopped singing, it seemed as if time just paused...and the only person that I could hear was the person standing next to husband. I stood and listened to him sing "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me." The emotions were quick...and deep...and the tears began to flow. What a beautiful moment...a moment that I can't even put into words! A moment that when I recall, the tears start to flow once again. For many years, I taught children's church. My Sundays were filled with many obligations. Sitting with my husband in church on a Sunday morning was a rare occasion. Why? The responsibilities, the pressure of doing my job to the best of my abilities, the obligation to the children, the desire to do God's will, the lack of volunteers, etc. etc. I could find many reasons...and they would all be legitimate. However, the fact is that I didn't make sitting with him in church on Sunday morning a priority! Although it would have been difficult, I could have found a volunteer to serve occasionally...I could have made an announcement stating that the children would be staying with their parents a few times a year, I could have found a way if I made it a priority. In my own defense, my husband and I own our own business and we work from our home...and have for many, many years. So, we are together a HUGE part of the time...He is a priority with me. We also attended Wednesday night Bible study/worship time together...with the exception of the summer months (summer programs). If I had it to do all over again, would I make Sunday morning worship with my husband more of a priority? Yes, I would. Had I realized at the time just how important those moments are, I would have found a way...where there seemed to be no way. When you are in the's often hard to see where you have placed your priorities. It's hard to fit everything in that you need to fit in. You may be stretched in many different directions. But there is a way...if you make it a priority! Find a make your family a priority! It's Saturday...what do you have planned for the day? Praying for you always! Have a blessed day!

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