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It has now been 6 weeks since I "officially" resigned from my position as Children's Director at our church. I do not feel guilty, I do not feel sad (except for the children), I do not feel that I have disappointed God. What I do feel is a relief. As children's know what I mean. We give so much of ourselves. We put all that we have into our ministries. We sacrifice time with family and friends, hobbies that we enjoy, time for ourselves, our own finances, even our own health. But there comes a time in every ministry when we just have to say "enough." When we have had enough of all the "stuff" that goes along with ministry.

I was at this point...the point of "Enough". This wasn't a decision that I made lightly...because I know the importance of children's ministry. I sought wise counsel, I prayed, I meditated on it. But God had bigger and better plans for me. As Children's Pastors/Leaders, you know all the struggles...many of you have been there as well! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just concentrate on our kiddo's and not all the other "stuff" that goes along with it?

If you are "over the moon" in love with your ministry, "Praise the Lord." This will be some of the sweetest and most special times of your life. Cherish every single moment... Make a difference in as many children's lives as you can! Be that difference! Continue to FIGHT for your kiddo's!

However, if circumstances at your church have caused you to become unhappy in your ministry, it is ok to seek what God has next. Is there a new ministry idea that has been on your heart for a while? Is there a new opportunity waiting just around the corner? Is God leading you down a brand new path? A path that could help you reach FAR MORE children than you ever thought you could reach? Pray about it ...and when God gives you the green light...Go for it!

I know that many of you are hanging on simply because of the children so I will share what a friend once told me. This was about 16 years ago when I was struggling with the same decision at a different church...stay or go. Their reply to me was this, "Don't you think that God is big enough to replace you?" There was my answer...YES, God is able!

Sometimes you will experience your "enough" moment simply because you have outgrown where God has you planted. If you are faithfully serving, God will continually stretch and equip you to do more...and more...and more. Don't be scared to pull up those roots and let God re-plant you in more fertile soil.

I know that this will sound foreign to many of you but it is "okay" to step back, look at where you are, take some time for yourself and make some changes. But after a little while, get back up in that saddle and ride!

A little hint for anyone thinking of making a change....Get involved in some type of a ministry or mission before you make a change. I don't care if it is delivering meals on wheels a couple of days a week, tutoring at your child's school, etc. As children's ministry leader we are used to being busy and useful...find something that gives you purpose while leaving plenty of extra time for seeking God's will for your life.


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