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Faith Over Fear

Faith over fear...

Years ago, my husband and I were members of a church that was going through some big changes. These changes were not accepted by many and the church soon began to split.

My husband and I knew that the time for change was drawing near...we just didn't know when.

At first, one of us was ready to move on and the other one wasn't...then the opposite one was ready to move on and the other one wasn't. We knew that when the time was right to move, God would make it both of us. So we continued to serve...waiting for God's confirmation. We were both involved in ministries and we knew that our ministries would suffer if we left...or so we thought. While speaking with one of my friends (who had already left the church), I voiced my concern over leaving the department without a leader. Her response took me by surprise. "Don't you think that God is big enough to replace you?" Duhhhh...What an eye-opener! Of course, He is! And so, we continued serving...waiting on God to tell us when the time was right. That time came on an Easter/Resurrection" Sunday when the sermon was a PowerPoint lesson on "Giving". It wasn't on the you would expect it to was on giving. God took the decision from our hands that day...He made the answer clear...It was time to move on. Amazingly enough, though God revealed something even bigger to us. In the weeks and months...and even years later, I watched as God took each of His faithful, talented, hardworking servants and moved them to various churches throughout our town. God's faithful servants rose from the ashes and re-built their ministries bigger and better than ever. They also trained new leaders to step up...and step out. Giving them the tools that they needed to spread God's word even further. God's work did not stop when the church split...God's work multiplied and spread...reaching far more people than would have been reached inside the 4 walls of that one church. It is so much fun to run into an old friend and learn about their new hear how God is using them to do great things! Don't fear the unknown...don't worry about what God is up to. Just know that He is up to something...and it is something BIG! Seek God's will...wait...listen...and be prepared to act when God speaks! Choose FAITH over FEAR!

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