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Get up...make your bed...get dressed...create a "to do" list...and get going!

Today is YOUR day to accomplish great things!

I am a list maker...I make list almost every day and I cross each item off when completed.

It is encouraging to look at my list at the end of the day and realize that I have accomplished a lot.

It is also a wonderful feeling to work hard and go to bed tired.

Although I am a "to-do" list maker, there are many times that I stray off course...I start doing one thing...but wind up doing another.

Do I let that deter me? Nope! I simply add that completed task onto the bottom of my list and cross it off.

Silly, I know... however, I recently learned that both my brother and my mom do the same thing.

My brother even confessed that his wife saw his list and wanted to know why he always started at the bottom of the list instead of the top.

He had to admit that the things at the bottom of the list were things that he decided to do instead of his original tasks. He simply added them to the bottom of the list and marked them off as completed tasks.

Does it really matter though? No! What matters is that you stay motivated!

If adding something onto the bottom of the list and marking it off motivates you...then add it to the list and mark it off.

For many, one of the hardest things during this "stay at home" moment is motivation.

Get up...make your bed...get dressed...get going!


In the book "Make Your Bed," Admiral William H. McRaven shares that you when you get up and make your bed...first sets the pace for accomplishing goals throughout your day.

Set daily goals and work towards accomplishing them. The projects may not be fun...they may be tiring, they may be the last thing in the world you want to do...but get going!

What did I do yesterday? I cleaned out my three freezers and re-arranged them to fit my needs...ugh!.

I even created an inventory list of all the items inside my chest freezer... so that I won't forget what I have stored inside.

I am definitely a list maker!

And with all projects, I now have a whole new list of "to-do" activities.

Projects like making jelly from the berries and rhubarb that were hidden down deep in the chest freezer from last summer...and dehydrating several partial bags of mini-marshmallows leftover from various activities. (Tip...Yes, you can dehydrate them...why? Because they are super delicious...similar to the little marshmallows found inside a box of Lucky Charms. Just eat them as they are...or add them to hot chocolate. Great way to use up stale them new life. FYI - These can be addictive!!!)

The project is really not the important thing...getting...and staying motivated is!

I am sure there are lots of hidden projects lying around your house...get going on them. Sort out closets, drawers, cabinets.

Fill a bag with items to soon as you can get out.

Tackle projects that will add to your quality of life...get rid of things that you are never going to use...take advantage of this time to get your life in order!

Try some new hobbies...I am getting ready to tackle some macrame plant hangers...and dehydrating some of my lilacs.

And when you take a break...from all of your tasks...don't forget to check on friends, neighbors or loved ones who are stuck inside their homes with no communication.

Check on them, write them a letter (older people still love to receive a letter) e-mail them! call them!

Do a drive-by with a wave and a shout out!

Get up and get going!! Stay M-O-T-I-V-A-T-E-D!

I am praying for each of you. Have a blessed...and busy day!

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