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Overnight Oats

Good Saturday morning! Do you have a busy week ahead? Do you have little ones that you bring with you? Take 10 minutes and create a "power" breakfast for the entire week. Or, replace the Goldfish and Teddy Grahams and grab one of these for mid-day energy!

Jars: I use the wide mouth 8-ounce jars but the recipe calls for 16-ounce jars. Use whatever jars you doesn't affect the taste.

Place 1/4 c of oatmeal (plain oatmeal not steel cut) and 1/4 c of milk into the jar. Set the jar aside.

If you are using a 16 oz jar, then double all ingredients that I am posting.

In a separate bowl, add 1/4 cup of yogurt PER JAR in the bowl. If you are creating 4 jars then you would place 1 cup of yogurt in the jar. The recipe calls for Greek Yogurt however, I am not a fan. I normally purchase Great Value Vanilla or Strawberry.

From this point on, it is up to you. Choose whatever fruit you would like to add to your mix. Frozen blueberries, strawberries, nuts, seeds, etc. Stir and spoon on top of your oatmeal/milk mixture and place lid on jar. Don't add so many ingredients that you have more ingredients than yogurt. No specific measurements...just a few of this and a few of that.

For my yogurt, I added blueberries, strawberries and pecans. That's it...stick in the fridge and grab and go the next morning. No cooking, no baking, no microwaving. I normally top mine with a little granola before eating. I also stick the spoon down to the bottom and stir to mix everything together. Try banana's and crunchy peanut in's yummy.

A friend of mine...who has 10 children gave me this recipe...a real time saver for her.

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