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Social Distancing

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Today, I am sharing a post that my husband wrote yesterday. I find it quite fitting for these trying times.

I have prayed for each of you this morning! Keep doing what you do so AMAZINGLY well!!!

With all this talk about "Social Distancing", I thought I would share a true story that my father told me several times throughout his life... Dad was born in 1923 and was 2nd to the youngest child of a family of 8 (parents and 6 sons). They lived on a farm near a small town in Minnesota. Dad was young during the Great Depression and times were tough. I'm assuming the following event took place around the late 20's - mid 30's. I remember Dad telling me that hobos (homeless men) would come to the farmhouse door, and my Grandma would always give them something to eat... maybe not invite them in, but they would leave with some type of food. During this time, there were many contagious diseases. Dad assumed that one of these hobos carried the disease to his parents' house. I think the disease might have been Rheumatic Fever, Typhoid, or something similar. I can't remember for sure. Dad and his younger brother Dale caught the disease and were "bed sick", Dale more than Dad. The house was quarantined. Friends and family left items near the house, but no one could leave or enter. While Dad and Dale were laying in bed, Dale was either sleeping or in a coma (I can't remember). I believe by this time Dale has lost most or all of his hair. Dale suddenly sat up in bed, opened his eyes, pointed to the ceiling, and said: "Jesus and angles". Dale laid back down and closed his eyes. Dad said he could remember it as though it happened yesterday. Following that event, Dale and my Dad quickly recovered, and Dale's hair grew back (very thick). In 2016 Dad passed away at the age of 92. I believe his "little brother" Dale is still doing fine. During this time of "Social Distancing", I thought this could be a word of encouragement. The farmhouse quarantine was lifted, the economy roared back, and Dad and Dale enjoyed long, happy and productive lives. The photo is Dad and Dale, probably mid 40's. It looks like they were about to do some bird hunting. They both served in WWII towards the end of the war. - Tim Clark

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