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Storms of Life

Good morning beautiful souls...It is storming here at our house. The rain is beating down and the wind is blowing fact, I can now hear hail beating on my windows.

It is peaceful and calm inside of our house...but the storm rages around us...much like life itself.

During our lives, we will face many storms, some that we can see and hear and others that we keep hidden deep inside of us...hidden from those around us.

During our lifetime, we will all experience rain and wind, hail and snow. Some of us will even experience a devastating tornado (as we have seen lately) or a disastrous flood. These storms...although heartbreaking, are all a natural part of life.

When my husband was young, living on a grain farm in Minnesota, they suffered through many storms. One of the worst ones that he can recall was when a tornado passed through, destroying their barn and taking their wheat crop for the entire year.

Their wheat had already been cut...lying on the ground waiting to be harvested. It was the first wheat to be cut in the area.

My husband (Tim) and his mother had gone into town and were on their way home at the time. They were about 4 miles from their farm when they noticed wheat blowing in the air... coming at arrows.

The wheat stuck in the rubber gasket that surrounded their windshield and in the radiator. Tim's mother knew instantly that it was their wheat...because it was the only wheat that had been cut.

They arrived home to see the wheat gone, the barn destroyed and his father standing in the wheat field with tears running down his cheek...singing... "Count your blessings name them one by one, Count your blessings see what God has done." This was one of the few times that my husband can recall seeing his father cry.

My husband said that his father always considered farming as a partnership between himself and God.

When things were good he would say "Look what "WE" did" and when things went badly, he would say "What are "WE" going to do now?"

What a wonderful picture of how we too should always look at our if we are in a partnership with God...because that is exactly how it is!

When things go good...remember to say "Look what "WE" did!"

When things go bad...remember to say "What are "WE" going to do now?"

And remember to ALWAYS count your blessings! Even on our worst days...we are so blessed!

Have a beautiful, blessed and wonderful day...I have already prayed for each of you this morning!!

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