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The Milking Tree

Soon after my mother and father were married, they purchased a piece of land and a two-room house. 120 acres of land...mostly timber that they later cleared (partially) to begin a new life together. Each morning, my father walked through the pasture to what we affectionately named the "milking tree." The "milking tree" was a shady spot where my father would meet his milk cow each morning to be milked. A twisted piece of wire was looped around a low limb on the "milking tree" and was used to hang a bucket of feed...a sweet treat for his cow. That wire still hangs in the "milking tree" today. A reminder of days gone well as a visual memory of my father. Each morning, as my father walked to the "milking tree" he would call out to his cow. Some mornings, the cow would hear his calls and meet him at the tree. But some mornings she would ignore his calls forcing him to search for her in the woods. Once he found her, he then had to persuade her to go to the "milking tree." Either way, my father would give his milk cow a special treat...the bucket of sweet feed that was hanging in the tree. Just as my father called out to his cow, God also calls out to each of us. Do you hear His call? Do you anxiously meet Him at the "milking tree" (your quiet meeting place)? Or, do you ignore God's call and wait for Him to seek you out? "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"... James 4:8 Have a blessed day! Praying for you always!

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