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Welcome 2021

Welcome, 2021!

I hope this new year...the turning of the calendar, the starting over, the fresh start...brings you new hope, new anticipation, new excitement.

Just think...365 new days...filled with endless possibilities!

One thing for sure...2020 was not your typical year.

It was a time of adjusting, of figuring out new ways to accomplish our goals, of taking a long look at the ways we do things...and why.

For me, the challenge was different...but the rewards have far outweighed the struggles.

As many of you know, I resigned as children's director on December 15, 2019...right before all the covid mess began.

Looking back, I can see God's hand moving me...guiding me in a new direction...but why couldn't I see it while I was going through it? they say...Hindsight is "2020"

It took "2020" vision for me to "see clearly" what God was up to...why God had put me through the fire...why God tore me away from the children that I love so dearly...why God just plucked me up and plopped me down in a whole new mysterious field of ministry.

Don't you just love looking "back" and seeing that God was in the middle of everything the entire time?

What do you see when you look back on 2020? How has your ministry grown, what new gifts/talents has God given you this past year? What have you learned about your ministry? About your families? About yourself?

What does your hindsight 2020 look like?

Think back...what path has God had you on lately? How has He worked in your life? In your ministry? What has He been up to?

When looking back, I can see God working so clearly in my life. But I couldn't see it then.

Why? Why couldn't I see God's plan while I was going through it? While I was struggling with what to do? While I was wrestling with what to do?

Because if I had seen, if I had known...what God was about to do...I could have changed my direction. I could have planned my own destiny...instead of trusting and following God.

What were the signs that God was getting ready to do something "bigger than me" in my life? What are my "hindsight 2020" revelations?

1. God began to open my eyes to the struggles of children's leaders and children's directors worldwide. The loneliness, the sadness, the feelings of "not being a part" of the church, the long hours and lack of appreciation (that many of them felt), The lack of resources for; smaller churches imparticular, The lack of support, The lack of encouragement, My heart would break for them. 2. God began to give me new gifts/talents/interest 3. God began to stretch me with new obstacles being thrown at me that I had to figure out. 4. God began to build a new boldness in me...speaking in front of the church became no problem...where before, I was terrified. 5. God began to give me confidence and the desire to perhaps teach women...not kids...but women. 6. Our Pastor that I had worked so well with for 11 years resigned...leaving me floating for 1 1/2 years with no leadership. I am still "unpeeling the onion" to all the mysteries of God's plans but I am enjoying peeling back each layer and learning more and more of God's goodness.

When I finally SteppedOut in October making plans for my resignation, I never dreamed that God would use my obedience to reach so many wonderful children's leaders...but He has.

On day one, when I launched my Facebook and Website page, I was hoping for 10 followers. I asked God to just give me a few people that I could come alongside to help...but the counter started clicking...10, 20, 100, 200, 500, 700 by the end of day one. Today, we sit at 1700.

As the clicker started moving...the tears started flowing. Wow, God!

Never did I dream that God would bless this ministry as He has.

Ministry is not fact, it is hard...very hard! Thank you for allowing me to work with each of you to reach children, families, communities!

Looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in your ministries this year...and partnering alongside you to reach God's children.

If you see something on my page that you would like to use...feel free! If you need something altered to fit your particular ministry...just ask...If you need something created...give me a shout. I will help if I can (no charge of course)

Here's to a great 2021!

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