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Giant Ice Block

giant ice block

Giant Ice Block


Looking for a "unique"

way to cool off this summer? 


Try a GIANT Ice Block!

Easy to create...You just need a tub, some water, a few plastic

frogs and a freezer. 

1. Locate a giant tub

2. Add 3-4" of water

3. Toss in a few plastic frogs

3. Freeze

4. Add 3-4" of water

5. Toss in a few plastic frogs

6. Freeze

7. Add 3-4" of water

8. Toss in a few plastic frogs

9. Freeze

Continue until the entire tub is full. 

(This will take approx 1-2 weeks to fill and freeze solid)

Just add a little water each day until it is full. 

On reveal day, just turn the tub upside down, allow to sit for 10-15 minutes, and dump it out.

Allow the kids to take turns sitting on the block of ice and then hand out plastic knives, squirt guns, and/or squirt bottles and allow them to "free the frogs" by chipping away at the ice.

Each frog that they successfully free...hops home with them!

(Frogs can be purchased from Oriental Trading. Add anything else that you would like to add.)

An ice block can be added to any summer activity!

Time, Talent, Tithe



Time, Talent, Tithes

T-Shirt Design

Teaching a series on tithing?

Want to make it stick?

Create these cute t-shirts with your children to help them

remember the 3 T's...

Time, Talent and Tithes.

All you need is a few white t-shirts, paintbrushes and a

 black sharpies... for writing and

fabric paint.

Creating custom t-shirts will help to reinforce the importance

of our

Time, Talent and Tithes.

Note: Plan on spending 2 weeks on this project or spread it out over the entire series. You will only be able to work on one side per week due to drying time. 

If you are looking for lessons for this type of series, consider using the following

Barnabas (Missionary), The poor woman's gift, Parable of the Talents

On a budget? Ask each child to

bring an old white t-shirt from

home. They will work just as well!

I Spy Bottle

I spy

I Spy
Treasure in a Bottle Craft

Photo 1.jpg

I Spy

Treasure in a Bottle




A water bottle with a lid (1 per child) (There are some really neat salad dressing bottles that look like a treasure bottle (Bitten or Walden Brand). If you can find bottles that have long necks...such as the pictures above or the Salad Dressing bottles...use them!

Funnels (to fill bottles with birdseed) Test your funnel once you have purchased your seed to make sure that the opening is large enough for your seeds to pass through easily.

A piece of hemp, string, or yarn. Approx. 12” Long with small knots at each end        (1 per child)

A bag of birdseed or rice

20 trinket items (clean out your leftover craft items) Buttons, screws, pennies. toothpicks, paper clips, beads, etc. whatever you can find. (20 items per child)

A "Treasure in a Bottle" poem with a hole punched in the upper left-hand corner. Add a hole reinforcement to the back of the tag (round white hole reinforcements). The bottle will be used a lot and the reinforcements will assure that the tag remains intact.

 (1 Per Child).

A 4X4 piece of netting (optional)




Allow each child to:

1. Fill their bottle (halfway) with birdseed

2. Drop the 20 trinkets inside

3. Put the lid on top and shake the bottle

4. Re-open the bottle and finish filling the bottle with birdseed. Leave a 3” gap,   depending on your particular type of bottle, between the birdseed and the top of the bottle

5. Screw-on the lid

6. If you are using netting, have them center the netting on top of the bottle lid and pull down around the neck of the bottle. 

7. Place a piece of braided yarn around the netting and the neck of the bottle and tie one knot

8. Run one end of the yarn through the hole on the poem and gather the two ends of the string together and tie into a knot.



You can use this craft for any lesson involving the ocean, water, treasure, etc.

I have used it when teaching on Paul's Shipwreck.

For the lesson about Rahab. I simply left off the netting and hemp and I replaced it with 3 strands of red yarn braided together to represent the scarlet rope. We talked about the men escaping and how they were "hunted" for...but not found.

I have also used it when teaching on the  "Spying Out Canaan"

I Spy Bottle Label.jpg
Scroll with Parrot Poem.jpg
Oil VS Water


Oil Fears Water - Sin VS Salvation

Oil and Water Don't Mix - My Object Less
Photo Booth


Photo Booth Pics

Draw families to your Facebook page or website by setting up a photo booth at your next event.

Take pics and hand out flyers (or place inside goodie bags) with instruction on how to log on, view, copy, save, print or share their pics.

Photo Flyer.jpg
Willy Wonka


Willy Wonka Day

Encourage church attendance with a Willy Wonka Event...beginning

on October 1st...National Willy Wonka Day!

Each week (throughout October), children will receive a chocolate bar with a Golden Ticket hidden inside a few of the candy bars. If they receive a golden ticket, they will win one of the large prizes. Select your prizes in advance so that the children know what they are playing for. 

You can also add a few extra "smaller" prize tickets inside some of the bars to keep the anticipation going!


Since this is a Willy Wonka event, candy prizes would be perfect. Look for vintage candies that the children may have never seen or tasted before...create a gift basket or bucket filled with yummy treats...or a giant candy bar, etc. You can work the prizes to fit with your families and budget!