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Rootin' Tootin' Summer     Roundup

Looking for some Summer Fun?
Each year, I select a fun theme for our Mid-Week Adventures (Wednesday night  Summer program). All activities; including VBS, are based on that theme.

Wednesday nights are our fellowship and outreach nights.
Each week, I plan something fun...and often messy...for our children and their invited friends.
Some years, I do a short devotion before we begin...and some years I do something that I call "Guess who it is?" where I will tell the children a little bit about a person from the Bible, give them a few clues, and then make them wait until Sunday morning to tell me who the mystery person was. This brings the kids back on Sunday morning...including their friends.
On Sunday morning, I take their answers, pass out small prizes (normally theme-based) and then give them the "Rest of the Story" Paul Harvey would say. If you don't know who Paul Harvey is...then you are obviously much younger than I am. :)
Many of my events are "must-do's" each year...according to MY KIDDOS. So, I simply give the activity a new name and they are totally happy!
I have an extra car that I use to haul stuff back and forth.
 During Mid-Week Adventures, the kids have affectionately dubbed it "The Party Wagon."
I have most of my summer supplies in the car (PT Cruiser) and I simply drive it onto the playfield, pull out what I need...and we are ready to go! Easy Peasy!

 Summer Roundup

11 Weeks of Summer Fun. Pick and choose whichever events fit your budget, families and church. Download Logo's and flyers by clicking the link above.

The Great American Shootout -

Water Shootout

Who's Ready to Get Wet? Grab your waterguns, your water shooters...or even a squirt bottle and get ready for the biggest water fight this side of the Pecos!

Chuck Wagon Eats and Campfire Treats Web
Create Your Own

Campfire Treats

Pull out the grill and roast up some hot dogs, hamburgers, smore's, marshmallows or any other campfire treats. Campfire games, stories and a sing a long is a must!

The Great Train Robbery - Website.jpg

Train Robbery

It's The Great Train Robbery...a.k.a. Nerf Wars. Divide into teams...The white hats vs the black hats and get ready for an exciting "Train Robbery" experience.

Welcome to Summer - Website.jpg

Welcome to Summer

 Welcome to Summer...out on the Ranch. Kick of your event with a huge shave cream war. L

Loads of messy fun!

Saddle Up - Website.jpg

Head To The Ranch

Load up your kiddo's and take them to a ranch, a farm, or even a zoo. Kid's LOVE animals. We have a non-profit ranch that we serve at in our area...and the kids love it.

Gold Rush  Website.jpg

Gold Rush

It's a Gold Rush!

Panning for Gold. Who knew that kids could have so much fun with gold painted rocks?

Ice Cream Website.jpg

Ice Cream Bar

Yee Haw! It's Ice Cream night. Create a HUGE ice cream sundae and dig right in!

Paint Wars Slide - Website.jpg

Paint Wars

Get ready for tons of fun and some pretty colorful kids when you host a Paint Wars event. Don't washes right off!

Rodeo Roundup Slide- Website.jpg

Rodeo Roundup

Create you own "Rodeo Round Up" event by simply rounding up a few rodeo games.

Burap sacks for sack races, stick horse races,  horseshoe game, barrels for barrel racing... or any other rodeo competition that you can dream up. Get ready for a Rootin' Tootin' good rodeo time!

Fishing - Website.jpg

Ole Fishin' Hole

Colaborate  with your Pastor, Men's Group, or the fishing pro's at your church to create a memorable fishing experience. This is one event that they will definitely remember.

Water Park - Website.jpg
Plan your own

Old Swimmin' Hole

Plan a field trip to the water park, city pool, member's home or your favorite swimming hole. A sprinkler and kiddy pools will work as well. 

Rootin' Tootin' Summer Roundup - Downloads

Rootin Tootin' Summer Roundup Downloads

Gold Rush
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