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Splish Splash Summer Blast

Splish Splash Summer Blast is 11 Weeks of Summer fun!

Over the summer, we take a break from our normally (AWANA) scheduled events and concentrate on outreach!

Each event is planned with KIDS in mind.

Our summer events allow kids to do one kids!

Each year, I select a theme and all events are based around that theme.

Some of our events are wet, some are messy and some are even muddy!

This summer I used the theme WATER and all of our one way or another include water!


"Splish Splash Summer Blast"

1.Welcome to Summer - Shave Cream Wars

2. Paint Wars

3. Fishing with the Pastor

4. Giant Slip and Slide

5. Water Olympics

6. Super Duper Bubble Night

7. Fire Hydrant (Fire Department) night

8. Beach Bash

9. Splish Splash Day

10. Super Soaker Night

11. Back to School Ice Cream Blast

Thinking about hosting a Mid-Week Adventures event this Summer?


Down on the Farm, Slime Zone Summer, Splish Splash Summer Blast, Scream and Shout School is Out, Rootin Tootin Roundup...or any of the other great Summer themes?

Check out my Mid-Week Adventures page for TONS of tips, tricks, time and money-saving ideas before you get started. 

Simply click HERE to get started. 

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Download Free Flyers for each event.

Fishing - Slide - Website.jpg


Fishing With the Pastor

Looking for a way to engage the adults in your ministry? There's no better way than to schedule a little fishin' trip with the Pastor. You will not regret it and it will soon become one of your favorite annual events. :)

Super Duper Giant Bubble Night Slide.jpg

Giant Bubble Night

It's Bubbly, Sudsy, Super Duper Giant Bubble Night! Bubble Wands, Bubble Pools, Bubble Barrels, Giant Bubble Sticks...and so much more!

Beach Bash Wednesday - Website.jpg
Plan Your Own

Beach Bash

Plan Your Own Beach Party. Include kiddy pools filled with sand for sand castle competitions, beach clothing, sun screen, volley ball, snow cones, games...the sky's the limit. Come join the fun

Shave Cream - Website.jpg

Shave Cream Wars

Welcome to Summer...Messy Night. Kick-off event with shave cream, shave cream, shave cream...and more shave cream!

Slip and Slide Website.jpg

Giant Water Slide

Get ready for the Largest Slip and Slide event ever!

Cool, Refreshing and FUN! 

Fire Hydrant Night - Website.jpg
Plan Your Own

Fire Hydrant Splash

Fire Hydrat Splash...If you have a fire hydrant, contact your fire department and ask them to open the hydrant. If not, simply do a water sprinkler event.

Super Soaker Website.jpg

Super Soaker

Cool off on those HOT Summer days with a  Super Soaker Night.

Cool...Refreshing...and LOADS of fun!

Paint Wars - Website.jpg

Paint Wars

Get ready for buckets of fun... and some pretty colorful kids at the Super Messy Paint Wars event. Don't washes right off! 

Water Olympics Slide - Website.jpg

Water Olympics

It's Water, Water EVERYWHERE with a Water Olympics event! Competitions around every corner. 

Water Park - Website.jpg
Plan Your Own

Splish Splash Day

It's Water Park / City Pool / Private Pool Day!

Grab your towels and head on out to make a SPLASH! 

Ice Cream Sundae - Website - Splish Spla

Ice Cream

Create a 10', 20' 30' or larger Ice Cream Sundae. Kids will help create the sundae and then dig in! Yummm!

Splish Splash - Flyers

Click the PDF below to download ALL flyers.

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