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Down on The Farm
Summer Event

Looking for some Summer Fun?
Each year, I select a fun theme for our Mid-Week Adventures (Wednesday night  Summer program). All activities; including VBS, are based upon that theme.

Wednesday nights are our fellowship and outreach nights.

Each week, I plan something fun...and often messy...for our children and their invited friends.


Some years, I do a short devotion before we begin...and some years I do something that I call "Guess who it is?" where I will tell the children a little bit about a person from the Bible, give them a few clues, and then make them wait until Sunday morning to tell me who the mystery person was. This brings the kids back on Sunday morning...including their friends.


On Sunday morning, I take their answers, pass out small prizes (normally theme-based) and then give them the "Rest of the Story" Paul Harvey would say. If you don't know who Paul Harvey is...then you are obviously much younger than I am. :)

Many of my events are "must do's" each year...according to MY KIDDOS. So, I simply give the activity a new name and they are totally happy!

I have an extra car that I use to haul stuff back and forth.

 During Mid-Week Adventures, the kids have affectionately dubbed it "The Party Wagon."

I have most of my summer supplies in the car (PT Cruiser) and I simply drive it only the playfield, pull out what I need...and we are ready to go! Easy Peasy!



Down on the Farm

13 Weeks of Summer Fun. Pick and choose whichever events fit your budget, families and church. Download Logo's and flyers by clicking the link above.

Farm Fruit Frenzie - Slide -  Kool Aid W

Kool-Aid Wars

Grape, Orange and Strawberry are just a few of the scents you will enjoy during a Kool-Aid Wars. Water squirter's filled with the yumny scent of Kool-Aid. Water Squirter Wars!

Farm - Website.jpg

Field Trip - Farm

Load up your kids and take a trip to a local farm, corn maze, petting zoo, zoo, etc.

Click above to get some ideas for your own adventure.

Ole Swimming Hole - Website.jpg
Plan Your Own

Swimming Day

Field Trip to the water park, city pool, member's home or any place that has a nice cool swimming hole. Plan your event today!

Pig Out - Ice Cream SLIDE -Website.jpg

Giant Sundae

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Pig out on a GIANT ice cream sundae...complete with all the toppings!

Welcome to Summer - Messy Fun Night - We

Messy Fun Night

Welcome to Summer...Down on the Farm. Kick off event with shave cream wars and loads of messy fun!

Laundry Day...Down on the Farm - Website

Giant Bubble Night

It's Bubbly, Sudsy Wash Day Down on the Farm.

Get ready for bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!

Fishing - Slide - Website.jpg


Coordinate with your Pastor, Men's Group, or fishing buffs at your church to create a memorable fishing experience for your kids. This is one event that they will definitely remember.

SLIDE - Hound Dog Days - Super Soaker --

Water Shooters

Cool off with a nice cool water shooter event. 
Use water shooters, water guns...or even a squirt bottle for loads of cool and refreshing fun!

Chicken's Gone Wild - Website.jpg

Egg Night

Looking for a really messy event? Try an egg night. Or, create your own version using plastic eggs instead.

John Deere Green Paint Wars Night - Webs

Paint Wars

John Deere Green "Paint Wars". Get ready for tons of fun and some pretty colorful kids! Don't washes right off! 

Duck Hunt - Slide - Nerf - Website.jpg

Nerf Night

Duck Hunting Down on the Farm. AKA Nerf Night! You can set up an arcade shooting gallery with rubber ducks, host a full-blown nerf wars or plan something in above for a few ideas.

Mud Day - Website.jpg

Mud Days

It's time to get dirty! What kid doesn't like a little mud between their toes?

Scavenger Hunt - Website.jpg

Scavenger Hunt

What's more fun than a Scavenger Hunt? Give the children a list of things to find (it will be different for everyone due to location) Or, check out the super selfie scavenger hunt event for more ideas. Click on the link above to find the Super Selfie Scavenger Hunt.

Get creative!

DOWN on the Farm Logo.jpg

Down on the Farm 

Complete your "Down on the Farm" Summer by hosting a farm-themed VBS. The possibilities are endless! The link above will take you to the logo to help you get started.

Down on the Farm - Flyers and Downloads

Welcome to "Down on the Farm"

13 Weeks of good ole' country fun!

Use the events that I have created, pick just the events that fit your taste, budget, families and church, or create your own using the flyers provided below.

It's your event...plan it any way that you choose!

Many of these events, I host annually...I just give them a new name and we are good to go.


Some events are "must do's" with my kiddos each year so we just give them a new name and they love it.

The links that are attached to some of the events are not "Down on the Farm" specific. Simply use the events linked to plan your event and the flyers below to host your event. 

Click the PDF below to download all of the event flyers.

Click the PDF below to download a blank flyer that can be used to create your own events.

VBS LOGO - Down on the farm

Down on the Farm 

Complete your "Down On the Farm" summer with a "Farm" theme VBS.

I have attached a logo get you started.

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